Hot Off the Press: New Teen Reads

Need a new book? We have plenty for you. We’re highlighting some new teen reads that have just hit our shelves. See one you like? Click on the title to place your hold.

Amber and Clay
by Schlitz, Laura Amy/ Iredale, Julia
An artistic enslaved boy and a free-spirited girl become “linked together by the gods” in this drama of ancient Greece.

American Betiya
by Rajurkar, Anuradha D.
Rani Kelkar has never lied to her parents, until she meets Oliver. The same qualities that draw her in–his tattoos, his charisma, his passion for art–make him her mother’s worst nightmare.

As far as you’ll take me by Stamper, Phil, author.
Seventeen-year-old Marty Pierce leaves small-town Kentucky for London, but homesickness, anxiety, and his dwindling savings worsen even as his dreams are coming true.

A Dark and Hollow Star
by Shuttleworth, Ashley
For centuries, the Eight Courts of Folk have lived among us, concealed by magic and bound by law to do no harm to humans. A series of gruesome and ritualistic murders threatens to expose faeries to the human world.

The girl from Shadow Springs by
Cypher, Ellie, author.
When seventeen-year-old Jorie picks the wrong corpse to scavenge from the Ice Flats, she and Cody, a gentle Southern boy, find themselves at the center of a centuries-old secret.

The good war by Strasser, Todd, author.
A school video game club starts out as a friendly competition, but takes an unexpected turn for the worse when one player takes the game too far.

Home Is Not a Country by Elhillo, Safia
14-year old Nima feels like an outsider in her own life: She’s awkward, bullied for being Muslim, and struggles at home.

I Think I Love You by
Desombre, Auriane
Arch-nemeses Emma and Sophia find themselves competing against one another for a coveted first-prize trip to a film festival in Los Angeles. What happens if their rivalry turns into a romance? 

In a flash by Napoli, Donna Jo
Caught in Japan and separated from their father when World War II begins, Italian sisters Simona, thirteen, and Carolina, ten, embark on a trying journey hoping to reach safety. 

Kingston and the magician’s lost and found by Moses, Rucker
Returning to Brooklyn, where his magician-father disappeared years before, twelve-year-old Kingston learns that magic is real and that if he enters the Realm, he might get his father back.

Like home by
Onomé, Louisa
Chinelo is all about her neighborhood Ginger East, but when her friend Kate’s parent’s store is vandalized and the vandal still at large, Nelo and her beloved Ginger East are shaken to their core.

Lupe Wong won’t dance by Higuera, Donna Barba
Lupe Wong is going to be the first female pitcher in the Major Leagues and nothing is going to get in her way…not ever square dancing.

Mazie by Crowder, Melanie
An eighteen-year-old aspiring actress trades in starry Nebraska skies for the bright lights of 1950s Broadway.

The mermaid, the witch, and the sea
Tokuda-Hall, Maggie
A desperate orphan turned pirate and a rebellious imperial daughter find a connection on the high seas in a world divided by colonialism and threaded with magic.

Once upon a quinceañera by Gomez-Hira, Monica
Carmen takes on a summer internship that has her reuniting with estranged family for an over-the-top quinceaänera, reluctantly reconnecting to a long-lost ex-boyfriend, and finding happiness in the chaos.

A ph̉ơ love story by Le, Loan
High school seniors Bàao and Linh, whose feuding families own competing Vietnamese restaurants, conceal their budding romance, as well as Linh’s desire to become an artist.

Rebel daughter by Kaufmann, Lori Banov
In the years preceding the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE, young Esther’s greatest worry is that she will be forced to marry against her will but soon, she faces famine, seige, and slavery.

Some other now by Everett, Sarah
Jessi is caught between two brothers as the three navigate family, loss, and love over the course of her seventeenth and eighteenth summers.

Talking to Alaska by Woltz, Anna
Parker and Sven are mortal enemies. When Parker discovers her beloved dog Alaska – who she had to give away last year – now belongs to Sven, she’s determined to steal Alaska back. 

Treasure of the world by Sullivan, Tara
Twelve-year-old Ana wants nothing more than to escape the future set for her and her classmates in her poor mining village.

Wench by Maxine Kaplan
When Tanya’s guardian dies, having lost her home and the tavern where she has spent most of her life, she sets out on a perilous quest to petition the queen for help.

Wings of ebony by Elle, J.
Half-god, half-human Rue is snatched from her Houston home to Ghazan, a secret land of gods, by her estranged father, then must face an evil determined to steal everything from her.

With You All the Way by Hand, Cynthia
Ada’s life is a mess. She’s determined to lose her virginity, but she discovers that feelings, romantic or not, always get in the way.

Yolk by Choi, Mary H. K.
Struggling with emotional problems and an eating disorder, Jayne, a Korean American college student living in New York City, is estranged from her accomplished older sister June, until June gets cancer.

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